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Full steam ahead!

At Fulton Elementary School, both students and staff proudly accept the challenge to teach or learn the skills necessary to become responsible citizens.

Greetings from Mrs. Nugent, Principal

Christina Nugent
February is Black History Month. When it comes to famous people in African American history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and Muhammad Ali are often the names that come up. But what about other Black history heroes like Claudette Colvin Alice Coachman, or Shirley Chisholm? If their names aren’t familiar, you are not alone. Educators, activists and historians have been trying for years to highlight African American history that is missing from our nation’s curriculum. During the month of November, we talked about people of color who deserve to be celebrated for their contributions to civil rights, politics, and the arts. This month we will focus on essential Black inventors, civil rights leaders, authors, and 21st century women, who have made our country the way it is today. Black history is an important part of American history. Our hope is that what we learn will motivate students and their families to learn more about famous Black Americans outside of just the month of February.


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