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Fulton Elementary photo

Full steam ahead!

At Fulton Elementary School, both students and staff proudly accept the challenge to teach or learn the skills necessary to become responsible citizens.

Greetings from Mrs. Nugent, Principal

Christina Nugent
November is the month of gratitude and I am grateful for many things.  I am grateful for all the support that families give us, from making sure students are getting to school on time to completing work when they are at home to attending Fulton Family group meetings.  I am also grateful for the students.  They do hard things every day with a positive attitude.  They put a smile on my face!  I am grateful for the staff at Fulton.  It is obvious how much they love their students.  They go the extra mile every day to make sure that their students reach their potential. At Fulton we are grateful for the gifts and talents of everyone on our STEAM TEAM students, staff and families! Together we are better than alone!

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