School History

robfulton Fulton School is an elementary school serving approximately 300 students in grades PreSchool through Grade 5.Fulton School is named after inventor Robert Fulton. Our nickname is the “Fulton Steamers” and our motto is “Full Steam Ahead!”.

Read a biography of Robert Fulton’s¬†amazing life and see images of his steamboat designs.

fulton2 The original Fulton School, as seen in this 1907 photograph. The first Fulton was torn down to make way for the current building. This first school stood where the current playground is now located.
class1 This Fulton School class photo was taken in the school’s early years. The inscription below the photo reads “In Memory of My School Days” and is dated May 12, 1907.
fulton school today This is a picture of Fulton School day.  This side faces our playground.