At the April 11, 2022, School Board meeting, the Board officially voted to close Fulton Elementary School at the conclusion of this school year.

This is difficult news and the district remains commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for our students, families and staff. The budget realities, however, necessitate this step in order to ensure the district’s financial viability into the future.

Based on the current number of staff openings, and the number of those that typically occur near the end of the school year, every current Fulton staff members will remain employed in the Dubuque Community School District.

School boundary lines have also been redrawn to assign current Fulton students to a school boundary that currently adjoins the Fulton boundary, with the option to also apply for in-district transfer to another school.

FOR THE FULL PRESENTATION ON THE DATA USED TO MAKE THE CLOSING DECISION, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW (which will automatically begin at the part of the meeting that included discussion about Fulton).